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The Band was first formed in 1981 after the closure of both the 1st Catisfield and 1st Titchfield Group bands. We first met at Cams Hill School, where we stayed for a couple of months until one of the members played their instrument on their way home. We we're asked to leave! Obviously our playing skills weren't too good at this stage.
PH-CHURCH-1999-5B_MED.jpg Thankfully, this lead to a great partnership with Prices College that used to exist in Park Lane until it's closure in 1986. Although some of the local residents initially complained, as standard improved so did their appreciation. Eventually they attended our annual inspection giving us the opportunity to thank them for putting up with us.

We now meet in the Methodist Church,
Kings Rd, Fareham.

New members do not need to own or play an instrument. We will provide all the necessary equipment, and will help teach them to play and march. All we ask is that the parents include the instruments on their household insurance and that the members PRACTICE!

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