Band Badges

These badges will be issued to band members. Each colour denotes the length of time the member has been in the band.

The badge will be worn on the Cub, Scout, Explorer, Network or Leaders uniform. The badge should be positioned centrally below the District and County badges on the right arm. If a group badge is already there, the badge should be positioned next to the members group badge. Patrol Badges go beneath the band / group badge(s).

Badge Rules

  • These badges MUST NOT be worn on the members parade uniform.
  • Only the latest issued badge should be worn on the members uniform.
  • Please feel free to use old badges on camp blankets
  • Badges should only be worn by current members of the Scout Band.

Any queries regarding this badge should be directed to the band leaders.

Need help with the positioning of these badges? Click here

Dark Light Dark Light
Grey Orange Red Gold

Issued to members that successfully introduce a friend to the band.

To be worn by members on their group Uniform.


The white badge will be worn on the band uniform and issued to Members of the band with a 100% parade attendance in a year.

The badge will also be issued to the following for use on camp blankets:-

  • To recognise helpers.
  • Honorary members
  • Leaders of Troops/Pack that arrange a workshop with the band.

This badge will only be issued to Leaders of the band.

Instructor badges (metallic Pin) awarded to the band members
Instructor Drummer Instructor Bugles Instructor - Bell Lyres



This metallic pin badge is available for purchase from the band.

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