Parade Uniform

Shirts / Blouses
The parade uniform shirt/blouse will be provided, on a loan basis, by the band and MUST only be worn whilst on parade with the band. All badges will have already been sewn on to the shirt/blouse and no other badges may be added.

Trousers (Boys)
You will be required to supply your own navy blue smart trousers. Please note scout activity trousers are not considered smart enough for parades.

Skirts (Girls)
In the main the girls have choosen to wear skirts whilst on parade, but there are exceptions (ie drummers) where this is not practical. The girls skirts may be purchased from Skoolkit. Please ask for a "Cams hill school" navy skirt.

In all cases, please speak to the leaders should you have any difficulty in obtaining the required items

Scarves / Beret / Belts
Scarves, Berets, Beret Badges and belts will be provided on a loan basis.

Practice Uniform

Grey Polo Shirt
Grey polo shirts, embroidered with the band logo are available for purchase from the band

Grey Fleeces
Grey fleece tops, embroidered with the band logo are available for purchase from the band

Named Jackets
Jackets, embroidered with the band logo and the members name are also available from the band.

Trade in service
We offer a trade in service for both polo shirts and fleeces, where members can trade in tops they have grown out of, and have money taken off of the price of a new top. This is subject to the condition of the top you wish to trade in and is at the sole discretion of the band leaders.

PLEASE NOTE : To help keep the cost of band membership to a minimum, all band tops are sold at cost price.

* All prices are subject to change

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